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The reward will be worthwhile.
How to make your own $20 dorm food garden!
This has always been something I’ve wanted to do, and starting so close to the end of the year might be impractical, but nonetheless the experience is very fulfilling and a great way to spend an afternoon.

1. Collect the needed materials— I went to Dollar General, a great place for discounted and wholesale items, and they had a great choice of organic and earth-friendly materials too! Here’s the basics:
Upcycled water bottles to keep water in the dorm instead of having to walk all the way to the bathroom/water fountain each time.
A spray bottle to keep more fragile plants moistened.
A small plastic tray to keep water stains off of dorm furniture and make travleing home/cleanup easy!
Biodegradable starter pots.
Potting soil (organic is best!)
2. Use the spray bottle to moisten the insides of the temporary pots to prep them for the soil. 
3. Fill each pot most of the way with soil, leave about an inch and a half at the top for extra soil. Dampen the soil before adding seeds.
4. THIS PART IS SUPER IMPORTANT and I know that because I used to never follow these rules… The instructions on the back of the seeds really matter to helping them get the best start possible. Read them thoroughly.
5. Plant the seeds, add a little more water, and tuck them in together in your plastic tray! Either find individual labels for the pots or use the seed packets to label each row or column based on which plant is where.
6. Set them in the sun, near a window, with fresh air nearby. Make sure to keep the spray bottle or one water bottle nearby to remind yourself to check up on them. Some of my more sensitive plants even have water monitors in them to help me keep track.

Have fun, and let me know how your gardens turn out!